Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

Letter to a wife and mother

Mountain thoughts

Via accident I found this mountain lookout. The way up here was crazy and I don't know how to get down yet. But up here it is so beautiful. I have a 360°view, I can see mountain and the ocean it is just amazing.

But I found another thing what makes this place special. Under a cross I found a letter which brought tears to my eyes. It is a letter from a man to his beloved wife. She must have died. I m this letter he tells about there love there kids and how much he misses her. How he likes to died for her but will live for there kids.

Climbing up here I hadn't thought of something so emotional happen on the top.
I pray for him and his kids to see there wife and mother again, some day.


Dienstag, 29. März 2016

Cape Ringa


The last days I did a lot of driving.

After a day of laziness in Matai bay I started my way up to Cape Ringa.
I stopped at the 90mile beach but it was so foggy I didn't saw much. Because it was still Easter everywhere were people and family's. I keeped driving to Rarawa beach. Another doc camp on a beach. It was nice the beach was really big and the water so great. But again a lot of people.
At the evening I did a walk on the beach all the way to the end. It toke me longer than I thought. It was getting dark even before I reached the end of the beach. So I had to walk back in the dark. But I really liked it.

The next morning I headed to Cape Ringa. I was lucky to get there early, before all the buses came. So less people makes better pictures. I did some walking but it was so hot that the way back (all up hill)was a horrible. It is a really nice place up there but not much to do. You can do some works but all take several hours. I decided to just go the coastal walk 30 min in and than return but it was worth it. The cliffs are really impressive and you could glace around the hill and see the lighthouse again. And to look down an see the two oceans come together is amazing. And the waves crashing into the cliff. It's a beautiful place.

After sometime I headed to the camp near by and meet several German. Who all going home on the 31. March.
The first one are to from Munich and they invaded me for lunch. That was good because in sipped breakfast. The next one are a younger couple and the last ones too.
I was cleaning out my car a little and gave them some candles I know I would never use and we talked for a while. It's nice to talk to someone after a few days .

The beach on this camp was not great. Because of a sandbank the waves had the weirdest direction and it wasn't getting deep at all. So that will not become my favorite beach.

Today I was leaving the peninsula and I m now in Kaitaia at McDonald's to load my big camara. Later I will drive around a little do some shopping and head for the next place to stay. I still have some time before I have to be back in Auckland so I can take my time. Hopefully I find a nice place to stay for a few nights.


Samstag, 26. März 2016

the last few days!


Today I like to just tell you about the last 3 days.

On Thursday it finally stopped raining and we had to go on to Kerikeri. Because of the nice weather again we stopped on the way in the small town Russell. It is on the Bay of Islands and is a beautiful little town. You can't do much. You can go on a bus tour around the town but that's it. I ate some fish and chips and sat around at the harbor. Russell has a nice beach to Langes beach. We made a quick stop and than drive of to Kerikeri. We had to take a ferry over a river.
In Kerikeri we looked around the town center and than I dropped Kerstin of at her woofing place.
I spand the first night alone on a doc camp in Puketi forest. It is a nice campground in the middle of the woods.
The way up there were again this not asphalt roads but apparently the most back country roads like that.

I didn't sleep well. The mosquitos are so annoying.
The next morning I toke a short walk in the woods and drove back to Kerikeri to see the rainbow falls.
There I toke a short walk too. The falls are great, the water drops down 27 meter and I saw some small rainbows.
After that I spend some time at McDonald's, where I meet an Australian couple and we talked quit a while. I didn't wanted to go back to the camp in Puketi forest so I drove off.
The place I wanted to go wasn't as nice as I thought so I decided to take a detour to Matai bay. It was a great decision. It is so beautiful here. 2 minutes the beach. Because it is the Easter weekend the campground is rally full. Many people from Auckland use the long weekend. I decided to stay here two nights.

Today I did not much, I started to dress up the car a little but that will take some time.
And that's it.


Ps: i will upload the pictures as soon I have good internet again!

Freitag, 25. März 2016



I m on the beach right now and it is the only place with internet.

I would like to tell you about my last two days but I just can't. Right now I feel emotional drained. Sitting here at this wonderful place seeing the sunset and having the ocean right in front of me is incredible, but I also feel so sad that I can't share this moment with someone.

I really feel lonely right now. I love what I do, the travels and everything but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to enjoy it with me.
That's my second day traveling all by myself and I m getting like that. But maybe it us because the hole campground us filled with family's and groups of frinds. And I m all by myself.


Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

On the road again!


Yesterday we left Whangaparaoa and hit the road. We stop several times on beaches but the first planed stop was Snalls beach. The weather wasn't as pretty as the last days but warm and nice.

Than we drove to the Scandrett Regional Park. A very small park with beautiful beaches. We decided to do a 50 minute walk. It was a small walk and we didn't see much. But we found the sign Martin Beach 5 min. And there we went. As I saw the beach I ask Kerstin, " Do we wanna go for a swim?" of cause we didn't had our swim suits with us. But we did swim anyway. Where we first went in it was really stony but I tryed to go farder  and fell. It did hurt a little but I didn't care. I swam over to Kerstin and we had a nice time in the water. The waves were quit high and that's always fun.
After we got out we needed some time drying. And after a couple of minutes my leg started itching and I looked down there were blood everywhere. Not to much but enough. I cleaned my legs with a tissue and saw that I cut myself several times all over my legs when I felled. Now I look like I had fought with a bear.
After some cleaning up and a lunch break we got on the road again.
I don't know where we were driving but it was a road so narrow and without asphalt. We had to drive it over 10km all up the hill it was nerve racking.

We still keept going to Goat Island. It was nice but with a lot off school kids. Apparently Goat Island is that destination for feldtrips. We walk around and toke some pictures.

The next stop was for shopping some food for the next days.
And the last stop was our campsite.
I not sur if that qualifies. It is a car park with some gras and a toilet, but right at the beach.
We set up the tent and my car and that's it.

It was our first night camping. And it happened it started raining and it still does. So we decided to stay another night and drive up to Kerikeri tomorrow.
The night it self was good suprisendly komfi.

Bye Marie

Montag, 21. März 2016

I m going on an adventure!


Tonight is our last night in Whangaparaoa. Tomorrow we start our journey to the north.

The last days were pretty good the work was ok, we did a lot babysitting and some fruit picking.

On Saturday we went to the cinema, I was so happy. Finally an English movie again and we watched London has fallen.
The second movie after Olympus has fallen. This one was even more violent and bad bad language. But I love the movie. Just the right movie for me. 

On Sunday we just worked in the morning so we had the afternoon off. We thought to try the Shakespeare Park again and it worked out. It was so beautiful. The weather was amazing and the park, too. If you have the chance to visit park, do it, you will miss out if not. We walked around for about 4-5 hours and made it through the hole park. The only bad thing is that we got sunburned so badly that I couldn't sleep last night and my shoulder still hurt. So please don't forget to put sun block on or you suffer like I still do.

Today was our day off and even if I didn't sleep last night we drove to Long Bay. Long Bay is another great park. I was not so into the hike today and I was complaining a lot. But in the end it was so great. I made it somehow to the end of the coastal walk. It wasn't really nice. And after this disappointment I was horrified of the way back. It would be the same way so nothing new or existing.
But than we decided to go on an adventure. We just walked along the coastline. Almost the hole time we climbed over rock's in front of cliffs. And we ignored signs that said, only accessible on low tide.
We had no clue in what stage the tide was right than, but we tried it anyway.
After the first two corners we past , we got quite nervous because we figured the it was past low tide and the water slowly got higher. So we walked as fast as we could and felt a big relief as we spotted one beach we past on the way early, where we could walk up and away from the water. 
As we arrived on that beach we saw a couple who was taking another short cut right a long the cliffs. So we followed them back the long bay. 
The tide wasn't rising as fast as we feared so everything worked out ok. But please don't do that like we did. If you like to walk in front of a cliff coast, make sure you know when there ist low and high tide. It is really dangerous it you get cornered by the water.
But we were lucky. So it was a great day. 


Samstag, 19. März 2016

I got Hope!!!

Good morning

A few days have past and we are still at our woofing place. It is lovely. I using the pool regularly and it is just nice here. The work is ok but hard. We have to cut trees, cut grass with are hands, free tree from in growing nets and pick fruits. Yesterday the grandchildren arrived and stay over the weekend. They are twin boys almost two. Our main work for the weekend will be the boys.

But off course we have some free time too.
On Wednesday we tryed to go to Shakespeare park, it didn't end well. We got there and it started raining. And it didn't stop anymore. We were wet from head to toe and there was no point to do a walk there so we made our way back. But there were no buses anymore. So we hitchhiked. It was fun and a nice guy toke as almost the hole way. And of course as we got home it stopped raining. We were two hours on the road and had pouring rain 1,30 hours.

And last but not least yesterday I got my car. It's an old Honda but it drives and I can sleep in it. In the afternoon we changed the registration and made the insurance and than we were free.
To have a car is so nice. You can go where ever you want and stop everywhere to see things. I m so glad I made this decision to get one.
Kerstin said I have to rename it. It's called Betty so far. And I will call it hope.
Hope for a good year with al lot of exciting thing.

See you

Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

First day of woofing!


Oh men so many things are going on it's unbelievable.
Yesterday we toke the ferry to Whangaparaoa. We were slightly worried about what will wait for us there. So I got into a lot thinking on the boat trip.

But all the worries were lost time. We got picked up from our host Sherry. Sie is such a nice lady. She toke us with her and as we arrived at her house we were so flashed. We have a big room with two beds, a own bathroom and a lounge with a huge tv and we can cook and everything. Here is also a pool what we can use. We are just so happy to have a nice place like that for our first woofing experience.
Right when we got here she gave us plenty of food and told us that we have dinner together.
She made salmon with a Asia spices and salad. It was really good and way more than we ever expected.

After dinner we were just talking just get to know each other and Kerstin was telling about her guitar she left in Germany. Sherry got right up and came back with a guitar. Kerstin all excited started singing and playing. I told her also that I like music and play some instruments. But of course she didn't have an akkordion or a piano. But she did have a recorder (Flöte).
After we played around for a while Sherry said she is going to a folk club tomorrow and we should come. Kerstin was right in to it but I said I will decide later.

To make the story short today we ended up performing at the folk club.

So today it was really busy because of the gardening we had to do. And also we had to practice for tonight. We did at least 4 practice session. And did the gardening and went to school to help a teacher getting things done for the next day, like sharpening pencils, cuting word cards and stuff like that. So it was a bit stressful.

But we made it we play our two songs at the folk club and did it pretty well.


If you like our play (remember we worked it out in under 24hours) give a thumbs up.

Thanks Marie

Sonntag, 13. März 2016



I did it. After the weather got better I made my way up to One Tree Hill. I drove with the bus to the bottom of the hill and climbed up. It was good that the clouds were still there so it wasn't to hot. On my way I saw some creatures. Some big and brown, some small, and some with long ears. Yes in the middle of the city there were cows, rabbits and sheep. The hill wasn't as high as I expected it to be, but very windy. So I didn't stay there long. on the way back down I found a big, old, burned out tree. I thought it was amazing.

Yesterday was a great day, again hot and I got sunburn again.
We went to Rangitoto. The volcano island near Auckland. We toke the ferry at 9:15am and had a lot of plans and hope to see the hole island before we take the last ferry back at 5pm.
But that was a false hope. The island turned out bigger than we thought.
In the end we barley made it halfway thru.
But what we saw was amazing. Giant lava felds, great views and fantastic water.
We (Anni,Basti,Konstanze,ich) walked for an hour and picknicked. The path was really slippery and uneven. If you go there make sure you have good shoes or maybe tracking boots.
After the break we keept going to a wonderful beach.
Konstanze and I went for a swim. It was amazing the water is so clear you can see right to the ground. We stayed there quit a while, but than we had to keep going if we wanna made it to the top and back to the ferry in time. The dream to see the hole island was long gone by this point.
The way to the top was long and steep. And as we finally thought we made it, there are still 30 min to go.
But than at the end we got rewarded with a amazing view over the hole island and the cost of Auckland.
The way down was easy and we made it in time to catch the last ferry.
It was a great day and we had so much fun. Now I won't see Anni for a while but I m sure we will meet again somewhere.

Today is the last day with Stefan. That means packing. I hate packing but after a while you get us to it.
But packing don't take the hole day so we went to the Pasifica festival in Western Spring Lakeside Park. A lot of County sold there traditional food and crafts or performed. I bought some ear rings. And tryed a coconut for the first time. It is not my fruit. It was not bad but not good either.

And that was it for the last two days. Tomorrow we take our hugh backpacks and head to our first woofing place in Whangaparoa. We are excited and nervous for the time ahead.


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Freitag, 11. März 2016



After my last blog post, I have talked to a family over an hour at Skype. I know I said I will take my time but I also thought it would be nice to give ever family, who still contacts me, a chance. And I can say it was the best thing I chould do. I  talked to this host mom over an hour and after a night I was sure I will try it again with this family. I have there everything I could ask for, a lot free time, 2 bigger kids, I can bring my car and I really like the host mom.

After a good start in the day with the decision to go to this family, we drove into Auckland center. I wanted to meet Anni from Germany, she had a rough few days. And needed some help. So I let her use my phone and helped her with the IRD number and some stuff. After that we went to the harbor and just looked around. On our way back I decided to go up the skytower. The weather was great and so will be the view we thought.
And we were right. It was incredible, maybe you already saw the pictures on Facebook but I will upload some more from my big camara.
It was just another great day with friends and stunning views.

Today not so much we have rainy weather. Good thing we didn't go to Rangitoto today as planned. So maybe we do this tomorrow.
So it is another lacy day. If it gets better than will probably go to one tree hill. But we will see it is just noon right now so a lot of opportunity can still show up.

LG Marie


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Mittwoch, 9. März 2016

Busy busy


The last two days ware a little blurry.
I have to admit the sudden cancellation from the hostfamily hide me unguarded. But I m over it. Do to that I had a very busy day yesterday. I kept running from one appointment to the next. First I looked at another car, what tuck quit a while, than running to get some paperwork done and fitting in a meeting with a hostmom who contacted me over Facebook.

The hole response on Facebook was a bit overwhelming. I still get requests. A lot are from Australia.
The talk with the hostmom was really nice, she just lives a few minutes away, has 3 boys and need someone to basically drive them around. The payment would be great too. After we talked for an hour I rushed home to get rid of the papers and headed to the next appointment.

I meet Krissi again, the girl with the car. We went to a car service to do a pre-purchase check. It toke us a few minutes few get there and the check was done in an hour. There are two little thing but nothing major.

When I got home it was around 3 and I was done, but Kerstin wanted to go somewhere. So we walked to the park, in flip flops. Not the best idea, but we managed. We thought if we walk through the park we will end up on the ocean and we did. But it was just a stone wall, no beach, just a concrete stairs. Not really nice. So we walk back to the park and sat down to read a little.

After we got home everything hurt. It was a long walk in flip flops and not so much fun.

So today is my lacy day. Basically stayed at home and just relaxed. We send out our IRD papers and hopefully get the number soon.

For the matter of au pairing I decided to look around, but not in Auckland.
I also decided to take the car from Krissi. We will meet in an hour to sign the contract, she will keep the car until next week.

And that's it.


Dienstag, 8. März 2016

Heavy day


Another day in Auckland.
Today was a heavy day, physically and mentally.

We started in a lacy morning with nothing to do. At 12  I was meeting a girl to look at her car, because I decided to get one. Even if it is a scary thing to do. She was very friendly and the car was ok. I toke a short drive and I liked it. It was the first time I drove myself here in New Zealand but it worked better as expected even on the left side of the road.
We will meet tomorrow again to do a pre-purchase test, so I can be sure the car is ok.
But I will also look at another car tomorrow morning.

After all that excitement we walk to Mount Eden. We toke the longer way. The weather wasn't as nice as the last days so the pictures are not as great. It was really windy with a few raindropps.
The way back was horrible. Our feet hurt still. But we survived.

But now to the bad surprise.
I reserved a massage from my future hostmum that they decided not to have an au pair anymore, due to some bad experience.
That was kinda shocking. I was counting von that job over the winter, but now everything change.
I quickly wrote some applications on au pair world and on Facebook.
The fb response was overwhelming. I got 5 offers in an hour. Two from Australia so I just needed to take the offers down. And 3 from New Zealand. The first one is not really my family, the youngest kid is to young and there are 4 kids.
The second sounds better, 3 boy between 5-12, they live really close by, we will talk tomorrow.

That are all things that keep me awake. The car shopping and the au pair stuff. There are so many new questions turning up.
I hope to sleep soon.


Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Sandsurfing and old friends!!


Two days in Auckland already. Time flies, but it feel longer. The last two days were a blast.
Yesterday I meet an old friend Gemna I know her from the US. She spontaneously picked me up and we drove around. We ended up on Mount Eden, one of many volcanos. They say its not active anymore but still closely monitored. It is a great place you can overlook hole Auckland and the weather was amazing. Afterwards she showed me where she lives and we went for a coffee with her parents. They told me about a lot of things to see. It was a great day and I m so happy to see Gemma again.

Today was not less a great day. We went out of the city, with our host. We drove to the west coast, to Bethells Beach. At first the weather wasn't that nice, but along the day, the sky cleared and it was burning hot. We toke an walk about an hour to a lake, lake Wainamu Tk. On the way there we stopped on some sand dune and tryed sandboarding. It was so much fun. I tryed to do sitting on the board and it worked really well, but when I tryed to brake all the black sand ended up in my face. That's why I look like a black man. After that amazing experience we followed the little river to the lake. And I had to get off all the sand. The water was so warm.
Our host decided to walk around the lake and back to the beach. We stayed a little longer and just enjoyed the view. But sooner or later we had to go back to. Because the car was on the beach.
Back on the beach we didn't go swimming anymore we just looked around and got are feet wet.

To the hole day of sun I got some sunburn even I used sun creme a lot of times.
All the pictures of the day are on my Facebook-page. Feel free to come and see them.

LG Marie

Samstag, 5. März 2016

We made it!


We did it. We finally made it to Auckland.
The last flight was the worst. No space, almost full booked and again dark the hole time.
I m more than happy to be done with that. And when it's time to go back I will make a stop over somewhere.

To get in to New Zealand we had to go thru immigration, it was pretty easy no one wanted to see are bank statements or anything else. They clean are boots and we could go. On the airport we got picked up by our host.
We drove to his apartment and I toke a shower right away, to get off the airplane stink.
I was not really done, but I toke some relaxing time and later we went to the mall, just across the street, to get some food.
The grocery store is gaint, I was reminded of the US. I was overwhelmed so we didn't get much. Maybe I will go again to day for some snacks, to take with me.
The last thing I did was to walk around a little. Maybe a half an hour. My friend went to a open air movie with our host but I knew I wouldn't stay awake that long so I stayed at home and relaxed and went to bed.

The first night was ok but the jetleg is calling in. Couldn't sleep long and I have an headache. So let's see what today will bring. I have plans to meet up with a friend I made in the US and she lives here in Auckland.


Freitag, 4. März 2016

On my way!!


I m on the plane to London on the way to my work and travel adventure in New Zealand, but I'm not feeling good. I battle a migraine and mood swings. I m happy to be on the way, but feeling so sick, is hard. Sooner or later it will pass but right now I like to cry. I already miss my dog and I m scared for what's coming next. I thinking back and forth, if this was the right decision.
But there is no way back from here. I pray to God to take my migraine away from me, so I can start to enjoy the opportunities which are waiting for me.

Second flight from London to Hong Kong.
After the first flight I was just sick. I had to struggle not to throw up.
But now we just boarded our plane to Hong Kong and I am just amazed. I feel good again and the plane is great. We ask before boarding and now got a spare seat. And its nice here. Own tv and a lot to play with. Soon we will start.

The flight was ok but really long. I even got a couple hours of sleep. Even the food was ok. Of course plane foot can't be as good as others but it serves the needs. I can say over all a good flight, with good movies.
But one more thing , who the hell made me flight so long. I know, I know it was my decision, but 12 hour flighs  are just not mine. I m really happy that the sickness vanished and I hope it will stay away.

Now we are in Hongkong. It is really warm and I  almost lost my phone.We will wait another 1,5 hours and than board the last plane for our journey to Auckland.

LG Marie

Dienstag, 1. März 2016

What is going on with me?

The last posts are very sad and kinda dark and I really don't know what is going on with me.

I feel so much guild right now for every thing. Sometimes even for my thoughts. Maybe it's because I am about to leave, and I feel like I will leave to much behind, or I m just afraid bad things will happen again like last time. (my mom's brain aneurysm for example) I haven't been here and everything had could be over. Thanks God it work out fine. But it's still in the back of my mind. 

I always has been an worry and insecure person but right now it's a little much. I try really hard to distract myself from this thoughts and most of the time it works. Also I know as soon as I m on the plane and there is no way back, I will feel better because I have to.
I m excited for the time coming up even if we already figured out that we made a mistake, but we will learn from it and do it right the next time.
It is just one more day to get over with and than we are heading to Berlin.
I hope I have everything, but New Zealand isn't a 3. World country so we will survive.

And I promise my post will get happier as soon as the leaving part is over.

Thank you

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